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Welcome to Foresight Leadership: The Future of Nursing and Health.

This initiative is the result of a summit held in the fall of 2017 at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing to educate and inspire nurses and health care professionals to practice foresight leadership -- the ability and act of forecasting what will be needed in the future in light of emergent health care trends that have consequences for population and planetary health, as well as the nursing profession’s purpose, definition, professional scope, and standards of practice.

In order to support you in this practice, this web site has been created to provide curated materials that nurses and other health professions can use to develop and deepen their foresight leadership skills. In addition, a digital learning community has been formed to facilitate dialogue and discussions. 

Join our  digital learning community via the LinkedIN group, Foresight Leadership: The Future of Nursing and Health.   Detailed below are other actions you can take to begin to develop your foresight leadership capacities.

At the Personal level take stock of your values in regard to time perspectives and how your perspective influences your views of the future. 

At the Professional level, explore this Guide Book for Nurse Futurists, developed by the International Council of Nursing (ICN), in collaboration with the Institute for Alternative Futures.  Reflect on the professional nursing implications of the scenarios presented in the resource Health and Health Care in 2032. Contribute to the development of Healthy People 2030 goals.

Organizationally, develop a future thinking mind set.  Add Foresight as an agenda item to management and leadership meetings. Champion foresight education in your organization.

Socially, attend to trends and how to create communities of the future through transformational learning and leadership.  

Consider Planetary perspectives of foresight leadership. Visit the Millennium Project, the Planetary Health Alliance, and Alliance of Nurses for a Healthy Environment. Join the Nurses Drawdown movement.

How might you use knowledge gained from these resources to develop skills to create and influence a preferred future for nursing and health?

Contribute your voice to our developing community of practice and learning.

We invite you to Explore, Learn, Join, and Contribute to this initiative.

  • Explore one of the categories above: personal, professional, organizational, social, planetary.  

  • Learn about Foresight Leadership.

  • Join the conversation on LinkedIN by clicking on the above tool bar menu item. 

Contribute your ideas to the on line community of practice and learning through the Foresight Leadership: The Future of Nursing and Health LinkedIN Group.